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Jimmy Mickey Sandy MacNeil
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Jimmy Mickey Sandy MacNeil
Seumas Mhigi Shandraidh 'ic Dhòmhnaill
Benacadie Pond, Cape Breton County

difference between briogais and triùbhsair

An t-eadar-dhealachadh eadar briogais agus triùbhsair:

GD: Robh diofar ann eadar briogais agus triubhsar?

SMN: Tha.

GD: Dè ann an briogais?

SMN: Briogais – Bha iad nas truime.

GD: Oh, aye, robh i goirid, no ...........?

SMN: Cha robh. Briogais agus triubhsairean, bha iad an aon fhad.

GD: Oh, yeah, ach bha a’ bhriogais ............

SMN: Bha iad nas truime. Bhiodh i math airson a’ gheamhraidh.

GD: Ok, ok. Agus ‘se triubhsair a bhiodh againne a’ seo.

SMN: (agrees)

GD: Agus dè bhiodh iad a’ cosg mar bu trice – briogais no triubhsair?

SMN: Uell, a rèir dè an t-sìd’ a bh’ann.

GD: Agus dè an t-àm dhen bhliadhna.


GD: Was there a difference between "briogais" an "triubhsair"?

SMN: Yes

GD: What are "briogais"?

SMN: They are heavier.

GD: Oh, aye, were they short, or ....?

SMN: No. "Briogais" and "triubhsairean" they were the same length.

GD: Oh, yeah, but the "briogais" were .........

SMN: They were heavier. They'd be good for winter.

GD: Ok, ok. And it's "triubhsair" that we have (on us) here.

SMN: (agrees)

GD: And what would they be wearing most often – "briogais" or "triubhsair"?

SMN: Well, according to the weather.

GD: And the time of year.

Transcribed and translated by Hector MacNeil.

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